Hello birding world!

Welcome to my new Blog on Birding. This is me and my wife Louise enjoying the sunshine at our local in Sutton Coldfield (notice the shirt I am wearing, its full of Linnets). 

I have been an on and off birder since the age of 13 (some thirty five years at the time of writing this) and having passed my driving test back in January of this year it opened up so many other reserves for me. Including my local patch of Ladywalk Nature Reserve

Which is a private nature reserve of the West Midlands Bird Club, A club that I highly recommend midlands based Birders and nature lovers join up too.

One Amazing Looking Oak Tree, this is at Ladywalk reserve

What can you expect from my blog then dear reader? Well for a start I will be including a few snaps that I take on my birding exploits both here at Ladywalk and further afield.

Redshank at Ladywalk

Redshank at Ladywalk, snapped on 19th July 2023

Like, Belvide, Blithfield, Upton Warren and Middleton Lakes RSPB Reserve.

Avocet at Upton Warren

Currently I am saving my pennies to purchase my first ever DSLR Camera and so the images will eventually improve on here once I have one. In the meantime I will just have to include birds I have snapped on my mobile.

This is obviously my very first post but it will give you a small flavour as to what to expect from yours truly.

thank you for taking the time out to read this and I would love for you too leave me a comment below.

Happy spotting Pilgrim.



  1. Mike Holley

    Great start to the new website Phillip, good to virtually meet you and Louise. Look forward to reading more content and seeing more photos.

    I don’t have a patch as such. Instead, I have a short list of places Iike to go birding, of which Ladywalk is a firm favourite.

    Good luck with the website!

    • @phill

      Yay, Thank you Mike, when I first started my local patch was Plants Brook and Ladywalk for me was a rare exception it was back in the day when the powerstation still existed. I seem to remember Ruddy Duck and Smew visiting the reserve but dont quote me on that as I was about 13 at the time.
      Many thanks for taking the time to leave me my first comment fella. I am about to setup an RSS feed next.

  2. Foz

    Hi Phil. Looks really good pal. Look forward to reading your blog.

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