5.45am @ Belvide Reserve the start of a 14+ Hour birding session. Not my WMBC hoodie.

I must admit that I have seriously neglected this blog of mine for some time now and now that I have installed the jetpack app on my phone I now have no excuse to post regular on here.

I’ve come to realise that most people consume content and blog posts on mobile now so writing these posts on an app makes sense to me.

I cannot remember when exactly but I think I first started Birding aged 11 onwards way back in the 1980s and back then my local patch was Plants Brook Nature Reserve. Weirdly I now live less than a mile away from that place. For Christmas my parents got me this book…

As well as a pair of Bins to gain skills as a Birder.

Fast forward some thirty six years later to January 2023 and I pass my driving test. Yes it took me thirty years to pass but it had to be done as I’m also a full-time carer for my beautiful wife Louise.

One of the first things I did after passing was to join the West Midlands Bird Club. I then went to Amazon and spent less than a hundred quid on some bins, a cheap scope and a tripod.

As 2023 progressed I noticed that I was getting more and more obsessed with my new found hobby, any spare time I’d jump in the car and goto my local patch of Ladywalk NR. I also started using the BirdTrack app but not very seriously as shown in the below screenshot…

As the year progressed I became a regular at Ladywalk, Belvide and RSPBMiddleton Lakes. Things are getting serious for me now and I start using the BirdTrack app properly with complete lists.

A third of the way into 2024 and I consider myself a more than proficient and regular Birder. As you can see from  this screenshot I have already surpassed my 2023 figures…

My only real regret apart from not passing my driving test thirty years ago is that I no longer have my notebooks from when I was a young whippersnapper of a Birder in the 1980s as I could have added those historical lists, dates, places, times and of course species into BirdTrack.

Incidentally I remember the first time I ever went to Ladywalk on my BMX mountain bike aged 13 back in 1989 and seeing the huge hams hall power station. My overwhelming memory of that day was seeing all of the huge quantities of wading birds and my first ever Ruddy Duck. How times have changed.

Ladywalk back in the 1980s

Still at least I now have some time to continue my Birding passion when time dictates as my first priority is obviously my gorgeous wife Louise.

You can see from these screenshots below the difference between my Birding years of 2023 and this year…

2023 in blue, you will notice the small bars till July of that year and my current records so far this year in Orange.

I have a goal to hit 200 species this year and I think I’m well on my way. If this does not happen then so be it.

My life list so far.

Well that’s it people for now. What can you expect from my blog over time is hopefully some decent images and musings of my Birding adventures over the coming months and years.

Thank you for indulging me friends and feel free to share this across your social media channels. You can also find my on these channels by searching @BrummyBirder

Cheerio for now.