I have recently discovered a birding hotspot right on my doorstep which surprised me as I’ve lived here for 15 years now.

What surprised me was the potential lifers on site. The realisation came when I noticed a post by fellow WMBC member and Birder Chris on Bluesky.

Quite a few Gulls on site including Herring, Lesser Black Backed and of course Black Headed. I’m also sure there was a scarce Common Gull on site briefly.

Chris posted about the new controversial Industrial Estate Peddimore in my local village of Minworth and home to the new Amazon Fullfilment center which included the potential lifer Grey Partridge.

4.45am and I leave my front door to walk the 4 and a half mins to the yellow pathway at the start of the peddimore figure of eight Birding Session.

A few of my fellow Minworth Neighbours and Residents loath this place with a passion and I remember the fight we took a few years back to block this greenbelt land getting developed on.

That being said there is no denying it most definitely is still a hotspot for Birds.


After three and a half hours on site I had a total of 46 different bird species the highlights being Wheatear, Kingfisher and multiple Skylarks singing their amazing songs high up in the sky.

I was also able to mark off Whitethroat, Linnet, Willow Warbler and Yellowhammer. Sadly I was unable to get the Grey Partridge this time.

Amazon Fullfilment Center

Yes of course the Amazon Fullfilment Center on site is an ugly stain on this remarkable place but at the same time IM Properties have made the site a lot more accessible with the yellow paths.

It’s saddening to know that a lot more destruction and disruption will soon take place over the coming months and years as more units are constructed.

This is another case of Nature coming second to the world of commerce and profit. I hope the bosses of this development site get to read this and leave their thoughts.

Thanks for indulging me. Please share this far and wide.

Phillip | The Brummy Birder